20 Great Tips for Window Replacement

20 Tips for homeowners on how to choose the best window replacement company.


Terminology pertaining to window installation industry.

Different Types of Windows

Some windows allow for better ventilation, and some types have a larger glass area for allowing in more daylight. Other designs may be easier to operate in hard to reach places. Any choice of window design will need to accommodate differing factors, depending on the house. Some windows are hinged, while some types slide. A […]

Proper Window Care and Maintenance

Cleaning the Frame Wash using mild detergent (if necessary) and a soft cloth or ordinary long-handled soft bristle brush. Do not wash the window or doors with a high-pressure spray. The extreme pressure could crack or destroy the caulking around the window or door. To remove difficult dirt and stains, use the readily available household […]

Should I Replace my Windows?

Windows maintain the temperature in your home, keeping the cold out in the winter and the heat out in the summer. To capture upon the benefits of windows, it is important to have well sealed, efficient, and double paned glass window. The benefits to having quality windows are endless, including rebates with the heating company […]

How Windows are Replaced

Retrofit window installation is really the easiest of all. The retrofit window already comes with an exterior trim attached. That’s the flush fin that goes against the outside surface, usually stucco. Prepare the window by drilling 3/8″ holes in the areas of the frame where you want to screw it in place. Normally, there will […]

Benefits of Replacement Windows

Today’s window technology is simply more advanced than ever. With the recent focus on the environment and prevention, conservation, and sustainability, window manufacturers have made energy efficiency a priority and have developed creative innovations that make it a reality.

Choosing the right windows

Whether you are replacing a window or installing one in a newly constructed building, there are considerations other than just efficiency to keep in mind.