How Windows are Replaced

Retrofit window installation is really the easiest of all. The retrofit window already comes with an exterior trim attached. That’s the flush fin that goes against the outside surface, usually stucco. Prepare the window by drilling 3/8″ holes in the areas of the frame where you want to screw it in place. Normally, there will be 3 holes on each side and 3 more across the top. Don’t drill any holes in the bottom track. After removing the old panels, you want to run a heavy bead of caulk on the face of the old aluminum frame that you left in place. Then you and a helper set the bottom of the vinyl window onto the old aluminum bottom track and raise it into position. The flush fin or retrofit lip will act as a “stop” to hold the window in place. Have your helper hold the window while you go inside.

Our installers typically move through a series of 10 steps to properly replace windows:

  1. Remove Operable Sash.
  2. Remove Fixed part.
  3. Remove Meeting Rail.
  4. Insert New Window.
  5. Level, Align, and Shim As Necessary.
  6. Anchor The Window.
  7. Apply Insulation If Necessary.
  8. Apply Slope Sill Adapter If Necessary.
  9. Caulk Exterior Flush Fin.
  10. Apply Interior Trim and Caulk.